046 – Three Different Types of Powers of Attorney

There are a number of types of power of attorney documents.  Today on the show I discuss three of them: 1) durable as opposed to non-durable; 2) springing as opposed to non-springing; and 3) general as opposed to specific.  Listen to episode 46 – Three Different Types of Powers of Attorney – to learn all about them.

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045 – Power of Attorney Traps – Using Do-It-Yourself Documents

Be careful when using a cheap or a do-it-yourself, off the shelf power of attorney document.  A do-it-yourself document is more likely to have problems when the time comes that you need to use it.  Listen to this episode to learn more.

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044 – Power of Attorney – The Most Important Document – An Overview

I believe the power of attorney may be the most important document in the elder care process.  It is the document where one person – called the principal (your elderly loved one in this situation) – appoints another person – called the agent (you in this situation) – to manage their financial affairs if they can’t or don’t want to in the future.  Listen to the episode to learn a whole lot more about this incredibly important document.

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043 – Beware of the Medicaid Trap – New Rules During the Look Back Period

Sometimes things you do during the Medicaid look back period – even though they may be legal, moral and ethical – can create massive problems when it is time to apply for Medicaid.  You need to be really careful that you don’t do anything that can accidentally disqualify your loved one from Medicaid benefits or result in Medicaid penalties.  Listen to this episode to learn more about this trap and how you can avoid it.

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042 – Most All Gifts – No Matter How Small – Are Penalized by Medicaid (in New Jersey)

People are surprised to learn that Medicaid (in New Jersey) penalizes all gifts no matter how small.  They are also surprised that there is no annual exclusion exception for gifts.  Don’t get caught off guard by this when the time comes that your elderly loved one needs Medicaid.  Listen to the podcast to learn more.

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041 – The Dangers of Paying for Care Under the Table

Home care is expensive.  It can be tempting to save money on care by paying for it under the table but doing so is very risky.  In addition to being illegal there are a number of potential problems associated with it (for example, Medicaid doesn’t like it). Listen to the episode to learn more.

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040 – Medicaid Rules Are Different In Each State

Laws are different in each state and Medicaid rules are no exception.  Because Medicaid rules are different in each and everyone’s situation is different you need to be really careful when relying on general advice as it relates to Medicaid.  Listen to this episode to learn more.

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039 – Can You Protect Money and Still Get Medicaid?

Three questions people ask all the time are:

  • What happens when the money runs out?
  • Can I protect money from the cost of long term care?
  • Is it too late to protect money from the cost of long term care?

Listen to the podcast to hear the answers to these questions – they may be better than you expect.

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038 – A Couple of Strategies to Preserve Family Wealth

Everyone wants to protect money from long term medical care costs and preserve family wealth.  There are many possible ways to do this – some are obvious and some aren’t.  In fact, some are so obscure that people don’t even realize they exist.  This episode discusses two of the more obscure – yet simple – strategies to protect money: (1) buying your loved one’s life insurance policy for cash value; and (2) paying your elderly loved one’s long term care insurance premiums if they can no longer afford them.  Give it a listen to learn more.

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037 – How to Best Help Your Elderly Loved One Pay for Care

In this episode I talk about the order of paying for your loved one’s care.  Should pay for their care to you help them avoid spending their money and going on Medicaid or should they go on Medicaid first?  Listen to the podcast to find out – this episode can save a lot of money from being spent on long term care.

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